Thursday, July 15, 2010

Time out!

Abandoned blogs are one of my biggest internet pet-peeves, and I’m about to become one!  <sniff>

I haven’t written much lately, due to a combination of my time being spread across too many projects, and because Calvin’s getting older (turns 11 next month) and our life has stabilized somewhat (if you can call it that) - I don’t have as much day-to-day material coming out of his program/education/life experiences.

New Readers – Even though I’m not adding new content right now, I hope you can still find some useful information ‘round these parts.  Here are some posts I’d recommend you start with…

Keeping Track of Mountains of Paperwork.  And the follow-up post, Keeping Track of MORE Mountains of Paperwork.

A success story – A ‘Bolter’s’ Parent’s dream come true.

Calvin Writes – a first-hand account of living with autism.

Siblings and Multiple Activities – it can be a struggle to keep everyone in the family involved.

Get Over It.  My favorite motivational story ever.

I appreciate everybody I’ve met through this site; I’ve learned a great deal, and I hope I’ve been able to help a couple-few families out there as well…