Friday, June 4, 2010

New Study Working on Urine Test to Diagnose Autism

Researches from the Imperial College London and the University of South Australia have zeroed in on the GI and digestive challenges many people with autism face as a way to identify chemical markers which distinguish individuals with autism.

The researches believe their findings could make diagnosing autism in children as simple as a urine test…

urine sample

Wow!  Admittedly they have a few years to go, but could you imagine if they’re right?

* Earlier diagnoses could lead to more help for younger kids, when the help is most effective.

* More accurate diagnoses which could be performed in a pediatrician’s office.  No more hearing the ped say “he looks ok – all kids develop differently” while the child wastes precious time.

* Less expensive diagnoses – a simple test at the ped’s office sure beats being referred out to specialist after specialist before having a psychiatrist make the ultimate call.

* and eventually, Better cures – identifying a specific chemical change could allow researchers to develop better enzymes to aid in digestion of “regular” food.  Or, as is always my dream, maybe the chemical differences permeate throughout the body, which could allow the development of a medical cure!?

I know this doesn’t have an effect on my family’s life, at least today, but I love seeing research moving forward.  Autism is a disorder which needs to be done away with..

I still get choked up when I think about what a great kid C is – how smart & friendly he is, and how hard he has to work just to maintain focus and accomplish simple tasks.  I also get choked up when I think about other families out there going through everything we have – emotionally, physically, financially..  Even worse, knowing there are young couples out there - in love, getting married, and dreaming about their white-picket-fence future, who are going to get blindsided by autism.

Researchers out there – Keep pushing forward.  Find causes.  Find cures.  Find answers.