Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pocket SLP – another useful iPhone app

Last year I wrote about Proloquo2Go, a pint-sized & modestly-priced iPhone app which could replace a large, bulky, expensive “talking” device.

Today I learned about Pocket SLP, a $30 app which gives you a deck of SLP flashcards, along with diagrams, audio feedback, statistical scoring, and lots of options – that you can bring with you anywhere!

pocket slp

(click the picture to see a demo on their website.)

Thanks to Jennifer at Jabbermouths (a terrific SLP) for sharing with us!

Full Disclosure – I am NOT an Apple guy.  In fact, I’m almost an anti-Apple guy!  Although I can’t help but to be impressed with Calvin’s iTouch & the apps he has available to him.  We’ll be buying Pocket SLP this week.  I did not (and will not) receive any compensation or free product for writing this review.