Thursday, October 29, 2009

bridge to a 2-wheeler

Calvin has always loved riding trikes and bikes, but his balance isn't the best. He got a big-boy bike for his birthday 3 years ago, with heavy-duty training wheels attached. I've wondered if we'll ever be able to remove his training wheels, but I've also mentally prepared myself that he'll end up getting a 3-wheel bike at some point in the future as he gets bigger.

This year he's been really interested in his scooters - both a 2-wheel Razor and a 4-wheel 'skateboard with a post' type. He's gotten pretty good at them, and last week he even took my regular skateboard for a few pushes without falling down. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, and we're going to try like heck this winter to learn to ride a 2-wheeler!

Schwinn Hitchhiker Trailer

Here's the plan:

We bought this bike-trailer and took it for a spin last weekend. At the beginning of the ride, Calvin leaned so far to the side he almost took us both down! By the end of the ride, 45 minutes later, he was staying upright and we were moving along at a pretty good clip.

I think we can give him some balance/practice on this trailer, then work on using his current bike w/o training wheels. And we've got 6 months of great weather coming up to do it.

Can this trailer be Calvin's bridge to a 2-wheeler? (that and a lot of practice and patience!) I'll post an update in the spring...

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  1. Great photo! I saw this at a thrift store and am thinking of getting it for my son. He will be 4 in December and currently he has a two wheeler with training wheels.