Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We survived another trip to Disneyland

Another year, and another Disneyland vacation is in the books. This is one of those trips we really look forward to each year. The boys both LOVE it, and seeing them smile for 2 or 3 days straight is a joy. It's also fun to watch them grow, both physically and emotionally, from year to year. Rides that were too scary last year are lots of fun now, and rides that they could only dream about last year (due to height requirements) are fair game today.

This is also the hardest-working, most nerve-racking thing we do each year. From the minute we wake up, we're "on". High energy, eyeballs on the kids at all times, constant communication out of fear that each of us will think the other is "on duty". Not to mention walking, and then pushing a dual stroller, for miles. Eventually we get back to the hotel, get the kids ready for bed, and pass out. Only to do it again the next day on even less sleep!

This was Calvin's best trip ever, and by a large margin. What a difference a year makes! He was able to keep his body under control enough to stay with us, without physical contact, more than half the time. We were still hyper-aware of where he was, but we didn't need to have a death-grip on his hand.

We're constantly looking for progress, and I've written a few times about new things Calvin has done, but a lot of it gets lost in life's daily grind. Sometimes it takes an experience which is easily comparable to a similar experience from an earlier time to see just how far he's come..